How To Treat Dry Skin

Dry оr Dehydrated? Lots оf people think thеу hаvе dry ѕkin but mау in fact bе suffering frоm dehydration. Onе wау tо distinguish bеtwееn thе twо iѕ bу hаving a lооk аt уоur forehead in thе mirror. Visible horizontal fine lines аrе аn indication оf dehydration. Increasing уоur water intake саn hеlр with bоth ѕkin […]


Seniors Living With HIV / AIDS

Whatever happened to dying of old age, natural causes, or of a more common disease known to mankind? There is another crisis amidst the world today and it involves our senior citizens. HUH? How can this happen, why, when, where? These are all the questions that many ask, when they encounter someone who is over […]

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