Maintain the Security of Your Message with Privnote

Maintain the Security of Your Message with Privnote

Privacy in today’s world has become much more critical, primarily online. With advancements in technology, you can now communicate with your friends and family in various ways. But, with great things come to their wrong sides too. Although the platforms are varied, the threat of intercepting your messages by a third person in between is high. So, you must ensure that your note or message only gets to the intended receiver. Guess what? You can now send your messages discretely through privnote. The messages get self-destroyed after the receiver has read them. You might have been one of the many looking for something like this. 

Know about Privnote

You might be wondering what private is if you haven’t heard of it before. It is a platform that allows you to send confidential or private messages to your colleagues, friends, or family. The messages are destructed automatically once the recipient has read them. 

Privnote keeps the message between the sender and the recipient only without any threat from the hackers. In addition to this, your inbox remains spacious and clog-free. It is the perfect choice for everyone who is sending some hypersensitive information like bank details or any PIN. Using private requires no special skills, but it is simple for everyone. 

Getting started with private 

Let’s talk about how you can send a message discretely with the help of the private. You first need to go to private’s website, where you will find a yellowish box to type the message you want to send. You write the message there and hit the ‘create’ button. When you do that, a link will be developed that you can share with the recipient. When a person clicks on the link, he can read the message that gets destroyed after. 

Additional security 

Now, you might wonder if the link is opened by someone else than you intended. Well, you don’t have to worry about it at all as there are some other features of the platform that enhance your message’s security. 

When you have typed your message, you will see the ‘show options’ option. From here, you can password protect your message or decide how much time the recipient can read it. You can share the password with the recipient, and then he can get the link opened. Your doubts might have been cleared by now. 

Benefits of using private

There is no one reason why one should use it privately. Instead, there are multiple, including the ones here:

  • Freedom and flexibility 

It gives the user freedom and flexibility to the user. It doesn’t let anyone misuse the information by using effective codes. 

  • Cost-efficient 

People always look for things they can afford and are practical. This open-source software is free of cost, thus saving you quite a lot of money. 

The other benefit of using private is that it provides security without compromising the transparency in the process. You can also be part of the broad user base of private and can effectively communicate sensitive information. 

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