Some Amazing Hidden Facts And Features Of Instagram That You Can Use Easily!

Some Amazing Hidden Facts And Features Of Instagram That You Can Use Easily!

Instagram is the most famous social media platform that is being used by millions of people nowadays, and it is actually because of the developers of Instagram that the platform is so famous today! Earlier it was the platform that was launched for people to create their accounts and upload their images on it. But at that time, the platform got a slow start because few people were having the resources through which they could simply get the chance to get their perfect photos and then upload them on the platform. As a result, the platform was only being used by people who had their photos in a digital form and were interested in uploading them on social media.

However, with the passage of time, technology changed a lot, and it also resulted in people getting the chance to update their mobile phones. It was the time in history when smartphones were becoming reasonable in rates and people with a middle range of income could purchase them. But that is all in the past and today, both smartphones and Instagram have changed a lot and people have the options in their hands to enjoy the Instagram platform in the best possible way without any type of doubt.

Unique features of Instagram

From just being a platform to upload your photos and pictures to the one where you can do a lot of stuff, from uploading pictures and videos to video and audio chatting with your friends. Instagram has turned into an ideal platform that can give enormous benefits to people, and all of them enjoy using this platform without any type of doubt. You can be double sure about the fact that you are going to gain a higher amount of profit from it and hence you can simply gain a lot from Instagram when you learn about some of the unique hidden facts about the platform. These unique and hidden facts can make your Instagram surfing much better and you will probably enjoy using the account daily without any type of doubt!

Add rainbow text or colorful text to the stories

The stories feature of Instagram has gained a lot of popularity over a period of time; in this feature, you can add some photos or videos on your profile which will be displayed on your profile for the next 24 hours. Once the time period of 24 hours is over, the story will get down, and you could see them in your archived. However, the story feature has some of the unique and hidden facts in it and hence you could simply use them all when you read about them.

Here you can simply add texts on your story by the option of T on the page and hence can write almost anything that you want. Once you have written your text, you can add a difference to it when selecting the text and choosing the color. However, adding the rainbow color in the text is much more fun and more accessible for you because you have to select the whole text on the screen and touch the color pad for a longer period of time.

After this process, you can put one finger on the text and the other on the color pad and move both of them slowly to get better results.

Photos in stories for a little longer

Now when you upload the photo on the story, you should learn that the story will display your photo for the next 5 seconds only. That means your photo will only be displayed to the people who are following you for the next 5 seconds and after that, they will have to search and look for it. The 5 seconds is not that long time which you should focus on, and hence you should probably go ahead for some feature that can keep your photo on display for a longer period of time.

Well, the songs feature is something that is probably going to help you out, and you can keep your photo on display for the next 15 seconds while using this process. When you add a song in your image, it will be played for the next 15 seconds and hence your story with photo will also be displayed for the next 15 seconds only!

Un-follow the user without un-following them

Do you think that a particular person disturbs you a lot when you are using your Instagram account? There are some people who do not have any other work other than to use their Instagram account, and hence all that they do is update instagram stories after each second. Such people can come into your display again and again, and hence you will not probably love to see their faces repeatedly. But you have a friendship and you do not want to disturb it and hence you cannot un-follow them!

There is a solution in your hand that you can use and get rid of them without actually blocking them or un-following them. For this process, you should go further and touch the photo of the person for more than 2 seconds on display. You will have to do this process till the time you get a pop-up notification on the screen. Once you have got the notification, you can go and mute the person from your account. In this way, he or she will not be blocked but not be displayed to you on your Instagram feeds or stories.

Upload long videos

Uploading a longer video on the platform was literally a problem that all the people who are the users of the platform were facing for a period of time. The Instagram stories only allowed them to upload the video for 15 seconds and the rest they have to upload using some editing software or something else. But now this has got an update, and you can simply upload the video of more than 15 seconds of duration and hence you will get the option to upload it on the platform as the IGTV video. That allows you to upload a video that will be more than 15 seconds on the platform, or you can add them in the stories by the cutting and editing feature mentioned below the uploading one

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