Essential things to do in a survival Minecraft Server

Essential things to do in a survival Minecraft Server

Minecraft is such an amazing game where you are supposed to explore an endless world. You are to face deadly enemies, a lot of craftable items, and plenty of other mechanics that make the whole game quite exciting.

Once you start playing this game, you are supposed to do a few specific things step by step. Upon doing these things, you will proceed to the game and win. The experience will be quite amazing and entertaining for you to say the least. There is a lot to know and explore about Minecraft Survival Servers.

Building crafting table

The first and foremost thing you should do while playing this game is build a crafting table. To do this, you are supposed to attack a tree for collecting woodblocks. It is possible to get wood by holding down left mouse or you can press right trigger on a console controller. It may need 15 fast hits with fist aiming at the tree. It will make the log break and fall. Once it falls on the ground, you have to pick it up one by one. Trees are always there for you to collect its woodblocks.

Building tools

Building tools is also an essential task to do while playing Minecraft game. After building a crafting table, it will now be easy to craft different kinds of tools. Such tools will be useful in accomplishing various tasks like farming and mining. At first, make a crafting screen and then position two separate wooden planks in crafting area vertically. Its output is likely to be 4 sticks. It would be best if you built some of these sticks that will be quite handy for you to say the least.

Building a shelter

To survive night-time, you have to have shelter. Therefore, building a shelter is another important task that you should do on Minecraft Survival Servers. Once the Sun goes down and night appears, there will be skeletons, creepers and zombies that will attack you. To avoid such attacks and increase your protection, you should make a house in the Minecraft. 

In this regard, you can just dig into a hillside to make a temporary shelter. Then you also have the option to utilize destroyed blocks to make a wall around you. Moreover, it is also possible to dig a hole and utilize dirt remains to make a suitable shelter. This shelter is to ensure your safety and protection at night.

Gathering food

You need to understand your hunger meter. After managing tools and shelter, you have to look for food. It would be best if you had energy to jump, sprint or walk. The hunger meter is likely to be on bottom right of screen that is generally represented by meat. As you spend more energy, the hunger meter will drain gradually. But if you get food to eat, then the hunger meter will increase, indicating you get energy to continue your activities. Just like tools and shelter, gathering food is also essential and significant.

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