Effective ways to prevent termite infestation at your home

Effective ways to prevent termite infestation at your home

Termite is considered quite a nuisance at your home. It is more so if most of your appliances and products are made of wood at home. You need to prevent the growth and spread of termites. Else it will destroy all your wooden products one day. You can either go for General Pest Control or look for a specialised termite treatment from professionals.

Here are a few effective ways that you must follow to prevent termite infestation at your home. 

Could you not keep it moist?

Moisture is the favourite condition and thing for the termites. Therefore, you are never supposed to keep anything or any place moist at home. It would be wise to get rid of the moisture in the best way possible. Moisture area is to attract all the other kinds of pests and insects along with termites. 

Fix the leaks

It is also important for you to pay attention to unnecessary decay or leaks at your home. Decayed and moisture-laden places are considered to be the perfect breeding ground for termites and other pests. Hence, you are required to fix all the leakage in your home to prevent termites and other pests from entering your house. Even if there is a minor leak or crack, you should not overlook it else it will be influential to spread termites and other pests later. 

De-clutter the house properly

It is really essential for you to ensure that there is a de-cluttering drive in your house for all the right reasons. In this regard you can either go for General Pest Control or you have the option to call for professional help. It is important to pay attention to newspapers, old magazines, cardboards or useless paper as these things can be a great abode for the termites. If a place or room at your home has termite infestation, you should not take any of the stuff from that place to another place or room before you do a complete termite control treatment there. 

Separate soil and wood

The combination of soil and wood is the perfect destination for termites to say the least. Damped and soiled wooden part is the ultimate abode to these insects. Hence, you have to maintain a healthy distance between wood and soil. Maintain a specific distance between wood and soil to prevent termite infestation in your garden. In this regard, it would be beneficial to take advices and recommendations from a termite control professional. You can also do your own research on this topic on the internet. 

Make use of borate on the wood before painting or priming

This is a very useful and effective way to ensure that there will be no termite infestation in wooden made appliances at your house. Borate is great for preventing termites as they cannot stand this product. You need to spread this product on wood, then once it gets dried, then you can prime and paint it according to your need and demand.

Place termite infected items in the Sun

If some appliance or product gets infected with termite, then you are supposed to place it in the Sun. If termite infected items get sunlight few days, then the damage will lessen to some extent. This is why it is recommended to place your mattress and blankets in the sun light every now and then. Sunlight is really considered to be a great quality to destroy insects and bugs in the best way possible. This is surely considered to be a great tip for you to think of.  

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