What are the various types of the LED lights?

What are the various types of the LED lights?

LED lights to play the most crucial role in making the place look elegant and also attractive. These led lights are used by the people on various special occasions, especially during the Christmas. You can even prefer Wreaths Singapore for the current year.

Various types of the LED lights

Lights add the complete look of the place. There is various type of the lights that are available as an option for the people. Not just a single option that is available for the people. The main difference among the bulbs is in their size and also in quality. Let us discuss in detail about the various types of lights available:

Mini LED lights

These are the lights that are most popular among the people. They are also called as the M5 LEDs. These are the lights that are best advisable for the small Christmas trees and also for the scent lighting.

Standard LED string lights

They are called as the M6 LEDs.This is another size of the led lights that are used by most of the people. Mainly people use these types of lights for doing the wrapping around the greenery in order to give t a more attractive look. They are available in various colours and the patterns, out of which the person can select the one that is best suited in the area in which he wishes to, use it.

Mini pine cone

They are also known by the name C6 LED string lights. They are mainly used by th people during the festive season. They are comparative in a bigger size as compared to the above two types of the lights. They are used mainly on the trees.

If you want to give a more traditional look to the place, then there are even more types of bulbs that are available as an option. Another option is the C 7 string lights; they are larger in size and were more popular in the 60s and 70s and also available in multi-colour. As they are larger in size, they give a more traditional look to a place.

C9 LED lights are known to be of a good height. They are known to be 2.25” high and 1.2” wide. This is because they are large size lights in order to give the attractive looks.

Cost of the lights

If we talk about the cost of the lights, then it will differ based on the type of lights that the person is planning to purchase. Not only the person will have to bear the initial cost, but even the electricity bill of the person gets affected. Even the effect of the bulb o the electricity bill will depend on the type of the bulb that you are using.

How to calculate the electricity cost o the lights

With the help of some of the simple steps, a person can calculate the amount of the electricity bill that a person will have to bear if he uses various Christmas lights:

Identify the type of the light

The first thing that you will have to do is to identify the type of the light that you are using at your place. If you have n aide regarding the type of the light, then the better choice can be done by the person.

Identify the total weightage of the light

A person can then just visit the official site on the internet and get an idea regarding the total weight that the light of the Christmas.

Estimate the daily usage of your lights

If you want to go through the effect that the light will have on the electricity bill, then it will be best for you to make an analysis as to what amount of the lights gets consumed by the person in a day. Generally, a person who keeps the decoration makes the lighting for about 30 days, so accordingly, the calculations of the bill can be done.

Calculation of the kilowatts

Calculate the number of the kilowatts for which you will use the bulbs. With the help of which the final calculation can be done.

The steps as mentioned above will help the person in doing the calculation regarding the increment in the amount of the electricity bill.

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