Tarot Reading For The Economy- know about the reading 

Tarot Reading For The Economy- know about the reading 

Now that the election is behind us, and we all know who won that race, it might be a good time to ask the tarot what could happen as a larger trend with the economy. Bailouts to the left of us, bailouts to the right. Did someone say foreclosures? We are in a fine mess, that’s for sure. Is the country going to nosedive into depression? What role, if any, will shoe-throwing play in the year ahead? Is there any reason for optimism? Can we even think about shopping right now? And where oh where is the money going to come from?

The kyanite meaning is related to the logical thinking and healing for the people. There is a need to know about the meaning of the stone in the tarot card reading. You should choose the correct color while purchasing for the enhancement in the logical thinking and healing. 

I asked the tarot about the state of the economy to find out what the cards think is going on. We already know what the media thinks, but the media is not exactly tuned it to the spiritual! I must admit that the first few cards had me puzzled at first, but the spread got more and more clear as I went along. I think you will agree; things are going to improve!

Position 1:

The meaning of the five of swords in tarot is never that much fun. Here, the five of swords on the economy tells us what we already know. There is a lot of fighting going on out there. People are not getting along and some are on the losing end, while some parties just plain don’t even want to talk anymore. There have been some tough battles and there are both winners and losers. This is a very rough patch and it’s uncomfortable. But here comes the interesting part…

Position 2:

In opposition to this is The Moon. It’s a time for quiet introspection maybe, but also a time to lift the awareness to a higher plane. Maybe the discomfort of the current situation contains the wisdom of the ages. There is an opportunity to dream and stretch the imagination of what is possible.

Position 3:

Show me the money is the foundation of this reading. Here comes the first card with pentacles, which always symbolizes money, material resources, wealth of some kind. This card is about getting acknowledged, being praised for talent and efforts. What does that have to do with the economy? Well, isn’t the United States proud of what it stands for, the foundation it has laid for over two hundred years? The good news is it’s also the foundation of the question. We are in doubt, but the foundation is there, and people are working hard to achieve success.

Position 4:

The queen of wands in tarot is a woman of fire. She symbolizes creative energy and her position is usually very supportive to the querent. However, in this case, where she is representing what happened in the past, and particularly in combination with the next card, she may have let her passion get away with her. We want her to propel us forward in our personal readings, because she encourages us to “Go for it! ” We all know where that got us in recent economic times: a little too much creativity and a little too much of a good thing from this queen!

Position 5:

Here comes the sobering moment. The Hierophant in tarot is at times a party pooper, at times a reminder that there are rules and they WILL be followed. This is probably the first time he’s shown up and I was relieved to see him. Welcome hierophant, master of laws, rules, regulations, strictures and traditions. He couldn’t come at a better time either: the present. That gives us a good reason to enjoy the holidays.

Position 6:

And so does this card in the position of available energy for the question. The three of cups in tarot is a card of celebration. Let’s come together in good cheer and celebrate with our loved ones. These three women are all about love and togetherness. It’s intense and it’s meant to enjoy while it lasts. Happy holidays to all! Peace and love.

Position 7:

Oh oh, here comes trouble. Well, not exactly. The death card in tarot can be our friend, and this seems to be a good example of it. Death represents a complete break with the past, permanent change and travel in a new direction. Yes, there is some carnage, and there are people begging in the streets going empty-handed, but death rides on to a new future. Take your pick: do you want him to symbolize transformation or rebirth, the end of a cycle or complete change? He is all of these and more. And it looks like there is nothing to be afraid of, because the following cards (i.e. after the meltdown) are all good!

Position 8:

Could we ask for a better helping hand here than the Ace of Wands? All aces in tarot depict a hand coming out of the ethers holding the object of the suit. Wands are all about creativity (remember our queen bursting with creative energy?) and this ace is all about that first creative spark, new ideas and new endeavors. Now where could we see this? How about in new legislation? New businesses that totally redesign the way mortgages operate? How about the new administration taking office in January? Ace is one, and so is January. Hmm! Endless possibilities, and that’s exactly what the Ace of Wands is about.

Position 9:

It’s good, but there is still some work to do. Greed and lusting after opulence is what got the country into this mess. So it’s no surprise that the seven of cups has shown up. What? Haven’t we learned from our mistakes? Yes, apparently we have, for the seven of cups reversed is one of the few cards that is a lot more favorable reversed than upright. The card in the ninth position of what lies ahead suggests that we still have to learn the lesson, but we will learn it. The seven of cups reversed is all about coming back to our senses. No kidding!

Position 10:

Not only is there going to be a spark of creativity, but the money will start to flow again, too. The ace of pentacles in tarot is the ultimate card for any new venture: the seeds of success are being planted. It’s like seed money, the beginning of more good things to come in the financial realm! And it’s not likely to be the government bankroll – aces are typically a much more sublime force at play. Resources will be available to us. I just can’t say when. Position ten is the outcome that lies ahead.

Born into a middleclass family, Rachel saw big dreams along with her five siblings. Aeroplanes flying above her small apartment later on influenced her decision to become an aeronautical engineer.
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