Red Vein and Its Treatment

Red Vein and Its Treatment

The human body is said to be like a machine. Although it is got a longer span of working as compared to a machine both are supposed to perform various functions. The human body performs all the daily functions necessary for a person to live a healthy life like a machine is made to perform a specific task. After some time of usage, the machine tends to have defects or may stop working. In the case of human beings, the body also has problems with age which often appear as diseases. 

Anyone can have a disease for various reasons. Some diseases are common while some are rare. There is one condition that people might face called red veins or spider veins. Red veins are veins that are small and damaged and appear on the face or leg surfaces. This condition is painless but it is not an aesthetically pleasing site. So people often want to get it treated for its appearance that they do not like as it is purple or blue appearing on the skin. Everyone can find more info about the red vein and its treatment here. 

Reasons why red vein occurs

  • The various causes that lead to red vein are:
  • Genetic predisposition 
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Tight clothing 
  • Uncomfortable footwear
  • Imbalance of hormones 
  • Obesity or excessive fat gain
  • Pregnancy 
  • Large exercise 

These are some of the causes that can lead to the red vein occurring in a person. Along with this, there are some risk factors associated with it including age, sex, pregnancy, history of the family, standing or sitting for a long duration etc. When a person suffers from red veins they may also have ulcers, blood clots and excessive bleeding if veins close to skin burst by any chance. They may have itchy around the discoloured area. They may experience cramping in the legs in some cases.

Cure for red vein

As it is said prevention is better than cure in any case. Certain measures can be taken to prevent the red vein from occurring including exercising, keeping track of weight, eating a diet that is high in fibre and less in salt intake, not wearing heels that are way too high, clothes that are too tight, the elevation of legs, not sitting or standing in a particular position etc. 

These measures when taken it can reduce the chances of a person suffering from red veins ever in life. If after all the person get red vein then there are various treatments available to treat it. One can wear compression clothing like stockings and socks which can help improve blood flow. Sclerotherapy can be done which involves injecting an irritant on the site affected. Similar to sclerotherapy is another treatment known as closure system treatment. A laser treatment option is also available to treat the red vein. Endovenous laser therapy is also a great treatment option for spider veins. There is no surgical treatment option available to treat the red vein. But red. veins can be treated without any surgery.

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