What Is The Best Ab Workout

What Is The Best Ab Workout

With his exceptional program, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Mike Geary offers you the best ab workout. Geary helps you lose belly fat and achieve the best ab workout, without subscribing to expensive prepackaged meals, supplements, support groups or counseling sessions. For one low price of $39.95, you receive a detailed e-book showing you how to lose belly fat the healthy way and keep it off for good. You’ll also get “The 5 Keys To Guaranteed Fat Loss” DVD free, in addition to four motivational Fast-Fitness audio downloads and access to an exclusive lose belly fat support site where you’ll have a chance to talk with Kim Lyons from “The Biggest Loser.” If you’re not satisfied within 8 weeks, Mike Geary will give you a full refund on his best ab workout program.

Another program designed to give you the best ab workout is Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building. For a one-time expense of $77, you’ll download a 201 page manual that includes the best ab workout, in addition to a 29 week plan for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients. DelMonte demonstrates how to do the best ab workout properly in “The Insane Exercise Demonstrator” bonus, reviews popular supplements, does an expose on bodybuilding sins, includes his No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD and gives you access to a 24/7 fitness coach database where all your questions on the best ab workout will be answered. DelMonte says you do not need to be a member of a gym to get the best ab workout. In fact, much of his routine demonstrates how to work out at home with minimal props.

The best ab workout is not cardio

A popular fallacy is that we get the best ab workout by running, hitting the elliptical machines and taking kickboxing classes three or four times a week. After our workouts, we’re sweating, we’re panting, we feel we’ve achieved something. But have we, really? Geary and DelMonte say no. To truly lose belly fat, you need to build lean muscle mass that requires more calories to oxygenate your muscles. By doing so, your body will need to dip into its fat reserves more often just to do the day-to-day processes like lifting, walking and functioning. Your body essentially becomes a fat-burning machine! The key, Geary explains, is doing high intensity repetitions of weights, whether it be squats, presses, or dumb-bell rows. Give yourself a day after the best ab workout to recover, which allows you to build muscle and lose belly fat as you recuperate. And always remember wheter your goal; is fat burning or gaining muscles, the diet has a major role in your journey. People also add fat burners to their diet for losing the fat percentage of the body but these fat reducing supplements over the counter because of lesser knowledge about them in the people.

The best ab workout requires discipline

Many people trying to lose belly fat find it difficult to overcome the many obstacles in their lives that seemingly conspire against them. Common excuses for not doing the best ab workout include, “I don’t have enough time to eat right or exercise,” or “I feel like I’m hungry all the time,” or “I get so bored, I just can’t stick to my routine.” This is where discipline comes in. It does take time and discipline to lose belly fat. It doesn’t just happen overnight after taking some sort of magic pill or strapping on a belly fat busting device. Mike Geary’s program is designed to motivate you to achieve the best ab workout, despite these obstacles. When you’re feeling weak, simply go on to the support website, where you can get additional motivation and assistance sticking to your plan. Achieve your fitness goals and get the best ab workout with The Truth About Six Pack Abs or the No-Nonsense Guide To Body Building.

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