Steps To Building A Website Building Websites For Beginners Isnt Difficult

Steps To Building A Website Building Websites For Beginners Isnt Difficult

Those who have explored having an online presence but aren’t necessarily technical often stumble on the fact that they will need to set up their own websites in order to correctly establish their presence online and begin building traffic and following. However, I think it’s important to answer a few questions some of you folks might have about websites and have been afraid to ask. No worries, that’s exactly why I’m here, so you can answer those questions in the comfort of your own home!

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Here is why you need a site if you are looking to sell anything online. Your site allows you to build trust with your online audience. This is crucial if you are attempting to sell anything at all. If your site makes people nervous, anxious, wary or is just plain ugly, you have major problems.

Your site gives you many other obvious benefits as well….the ability to provide information, reviews, and details about a product or service to an active searcher in a credible and trustworthy way. Here again, it is not as much what you say (although that counts) but HOW you say it.

If your site looks amateurish and has lots of spelling errors and generally looks displeasing to the eye….your chance at developing trust will most likely be blown. Let’s face it, the back button is very easy to push if people don’t like what they see. Often this happens before they have even read a single word. In most cases “looks” do matter…big time. Luckily, it’s easy to have a good, credible looking site for under 40 dollars and if you know where to look…in some cases you can actually get a site up for free….with some key restrictions to keep in mind.

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Alright, Makes Sense, But How Do I Do It?

Best Option-

The days of having to program your own site, hire a web designer and design the site by hand are long gone. The best option for your own site, especially if you plan to use it for marketing is a WordPress blog that is hosted by you. I mention the hosting part because you can also have a WordPress blog that is hosted by Do not do this, because at the end of the day, they have veto power over anything you put on that blog. Why? Because they are hosting it, not you. You don’t want to spend months creating a blog, and then have it arbitrarily taken offline due to some obscure Terms of Service (TOS) violation.

WordPress is simply the best for the following reasons. It can be customized into an almost limitless number of different configurations based on your needs by changing the blog Theme. For those of you who don’t know about the a WordPress blog theme and what that means, think of the theme as a pair of clothes. The blog can completely change it’s appearance, and some of it’s functionality, merely by the site administrator decision to upload a new theme. Uploading an activating a new theme takes less than a minute and there are thousands of themes available for almost every conceivable application, and almost all of them are free.

WordPress is also a great platform for beginners because you can customize everything from SEO, to advertising, to product featuring, email list collection, RSS and many other features with free software programs called Plugins. Plugins are usually free, though a few may cost some money depending on what they do. It’s easy to search and find plugins by logging into the WordPress admin section. Basically the admin section has everything you will need to begin customizing your blog.

It’s easy to install. Installing WordPress on your own hosting, or having someone else do that for you is very simple. In fact, most hosting accounts have a program called Fantastico as part of their hosting service that essentially installs the blog for you in under a minute. No technical knowledge is necessary.

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Second Best Option-

The best option is to always host the blog yourself under a domain name that you have researched and chosen. Make sure you understand keyword research and a little SEO before you go and get a domain name, because it can make a big difference. There are sites online that you can actually construct a site for free out of templates that are there are availble. See below


This is a great place to create your own monetized site. The downside is that it is hard to do SEO as Squidoo hosts the site and all of it’s links are “no-follow”, which means Search engines won’t find the site. However it is comparatively easy to setup and monetize, and can be a landing page for your visitors.


Weebly will host your site for free and give you a limited functioning site as well. However, it’s links are “no follow” as well, so it is a classic case of getting what you pay for. You have a little more creative control here, but is not quite as easy to monetize as Squidoo. However, it is also less obnoxious with the advertising.

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