12 Tips On How To Surprise Your Love

12 Tips On How To Surprise Your Love

There are different ways to show someone how you truly love them and appreciate them. You can shower them with gifts or do simple things to surprise them. The best gifts are those that they least expect and it shows how much you are thinking of them.

Here are 12 simple ways you can surprise your loved one and keep the flame burning.

  1. Candlelight Dinner… at Home!

After a hard day’s work, it is always nice to come home to a nice dinner. If you’re already living together, you can surprise your lover with a candlelight dinner on your backyard, porch, patio or anywhere that is romantic. Instead of the usual Chinese take-outs or microwaved pizza, whip up a cook book and slave out in the kitchen. Choose a recipe your partner will surely love. While you’re at it, chill a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne. Once your loved one enters the house, blindfold them and lead him or her to where you set up dinner. Of course, you can leave notes or clues for them to find that hints on a night they wouldn’t forget.

  1. Pack Some Love

Make your loved one a packed lunch packed with a surprise. It may be a simple love note or something a bit complicated like bento art. Make it a regular thing and he or she will surely giggle in anticipation for what surprise their lunch has in store for them.

  1. Special Delivery

Though preparing and packing lunch for your loved one is awesome as it is, nothing beats surprising her with lunch at work. If you have the time, make lunch at home then pack it and bring it to her. It’s simple yet surprisingly thoughtful. And the idea of sharing a meal with you might take their mind off the hassles of work even for only an hour.

  1. Go Impromptu

One way to spice up the relationship is to keep him or her guessing. Be spontaneous! Walking around the park and you spot a guy selling balloons? Buy everything, hand them to your lover and watch them get swept off their feet.

  1. Roses are Red…

Most women will always get a kick out of flowers. Order some from the local flower shop and have them delivered at work or wherever she is. You can also leave a bouquet on the bed for her to find. Better yet, drop by the flower shop, get her the reddest roses you can find (if that’s her thing) and visit her at work. This kind of surprise doesn’t really need a reason or an occasion. It is just old-fashioned ‘I-thought-of-you-and-wanted-to-let-you-know’ thing. Surprising and sweet!

  1. Write the Words

Surprise your significant other with a show of romanticism. Let inspiration strike and write a poem. You don’t have to be a Shakespeare or Neruda reincarnate to impress and surprise. You just have to be true to yourself and your emotions. Say what comes from within you. Clichés are a bit corny but if it works then it works. But to write something that truly comes from your heart, there’s nothing corny about that.

  1. Stretch Those Vocal Chords

You’ve already written a poem for your flame. Why not take it a step further and make it into a song. If you have the talent and knowhow on making music, don’t waste it. Use it to surprise your lover. Serenade him or her with a song you made especially for them. Not a musical genius? Not a problem! You can still sing them a song that truly expresses what you feel. Ballads and love songs are always hits but you can also go for something a little faster and fun. You can also use your dancing skills and make your surprise an all-out performance. Think of the late Heath Ledger in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. If you’re the bad boy type like Heath’s character in that movie, doing something so unlike you will surely surprise the person you love. And you may also get some catcalls while you’re at it. That’s another thing, showing your loved one that you can make a fool out of yourself just to surprise him or her will surely make their hearts melt.

  1. The Gift of Love

Surprise your significant other with a simple gift. While you’re out and happen to pass by a book shop, stop, go in, and get a book you know they’ll like. Saw a nice-looking purse or wallet while in the mall? Get it and replace their worn-out wallets. A gift that is given for no reason at all is the best one can receive. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As the old adage goes, “It’s the thought that counts”.

  1. Surprise of All Surprises

Remember the ring she always eyed while passing through the jewelry store? Or the newest Xbox your guy is dying to lay his fingers on? Why not get them for a special occasion, say – their birthday. Special occasions will become even more memorable if you get your loved one a surprise that they truly want.

  1. Look Babe, No…

Surprising the one you’re with isn’t confined to material things like rings and Xboxes. Sometimes, having something to surprise them with is not enough. What can be more surprising is having nothing; as in – having nothing on. Get things going by stripping your clothes and lying under the sheets butt-naked. I know what you’re thinking. What if he or she suspects that someone else was in the room that’s why you’re in your birthday suit. You can do some damage control by sending her hints of what’s to come. Send a text message before they come home telling them to look under the blanket for a surprise. That’ll keep their hearts pumping with anticipation.

  1. Intervene

If the person you are with is going through something, you can always show them how concerned you are by being there to lend a hand. But if the problem is something that revolves around his or her family, maybe a little intervention is necessary. Say, your partner hasn’t talked to their dad for a long time. Or he or she grew up not knowing anything about a parent. If you notice that there is sadness every time the topic is about parents, there is a chance they are longing to see or know them. Use your networks and resources and arrange a family reunion of sorts. This is a bit complicated and may work either way. He or she may love you more or this’ll blow up right in your faces. Either way, they’ll be surprised.

  1. Whisper Sweet Nothings

Finally, you can do probably the simplest yet sweetest thing to surprise her. Just when he or she least expects it, just tell her how much you love him or her. Imagine how they’d feel when you suddenly hug them from behind and whisper sweet nothing to their ears. There’s no special occasion, time or place necessary. They may be washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or enjoying the morning paper over a cup of coffee, it doesn’t really matter. Just when it hits you, go for it.

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