Guide For Planning The Best Shelling Vacation in Southwest Florida This Year

Guide For Planning The Best Shelling Vacation in Southwest Florida This Year

Southwest Florida is the hub for seashell collectors who are always looking out for wonderful beaches around them. This region of the state has some of the best beaches you might have ever visited for shelling. All of the beaches are not only beautiful and serene as a tourist destination. But they attract hundreds of seashell collectors from all over the country.

If you are planning to head Southwest Florida this year with your family, then you should know about a few things. Let’s discuss them in today’s blog & see how the Southwest Florida beaches can be your best bet to collect shells.

Few Tips To Keep in Mind in This Area

When you are visiting Southwest Florida, here are some crucial tips you should keep in mind –

  • You should never collect seashells that are living that include both urchins and sand dollars. If you see what lives in seashells, you’ll find the critter inside it. In case you find such a shell, then you should gently put it down.
  • If you love eating seafood, then you can have the best of it at the Stone Crab Season that runs from May 15. Head to Everglades City to grab some of the most delicious food here.
  • Hurricanes are something you should always watch out for when you are heading out to collect seashells. The Hurricane season in Southwest Florida is between June 1 – November 30.
  • You’ll be able to see drum circles in most of the beaches in Southwest Florida before the sunset.
  • If you are visiting here during the late spring, summer and fall, make sure to carry a good quality sunscreen as the sun is quite hot during the day. Also carry a pair of hats and sunglasses.

Top Beaches In Southwest Florida For Shelling

Now that you are aware of some tips when you are planning to visit Southwest Florida, here are the top beaches you should check out – 

Siesta Key Beach –

a wonderful beach that is a seasheller’s paradise, the Siesta Key Beach is definitely worth the visit. Even though it is packed by tourists since noon, you will have a nice time collecting shells in the early hours of the morning. A wide variety of seashells can be found here.

Lido Beach –

definitely with a visit, the Lido beach is an underrated place where you can find a lot of seashells. The beach is lined up with coconut trees and offers fantastic sunrise views. The beach is located around the Lido Key area and you can choose to do a lot of water sports here as well.

TigerTail Beach –

situated on Marco Island, Tigertail Beach is where you can find very rare seashells. You can even find different kinds of marine life that include sea turtles and manatees. A very beautiful and unique beach where you can spend a lot of time.

So, here is the best guide you should follow when you are planning to visit Southwest Florida for collecting the best seashells.

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