Reasons Why Marriages Collapse – Learn about the reasons 

Reasons Why Marriages Collapse – Learn about the reasons 

Believes of some is when relationship quickly collapse, they say it involved spiritual attack meanwhile, it’s due to how lovers relate in there matrimonial home.The focus of every one is to have wonderful time and and enjoy relationship to the fullest. Reasons why Marriages don’t last long are below.

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Marriage is never a child’s play

Marriage is never a child plays, it takes two mature minds to run blissful relationship, leading to marriage. In other to have a successful marriage, there should be a great sign of submission at the ends of the woman, to enjoy every bit of relationship submitting to the hubby is very important.

Laziness Kills Marriage

Laziness kills marriage, if the man is lazy, is a disaster to the family, woman are not expect to feed the family. The number 1 responsibility of the father is to provide cloth, shelter, seeing to the welfare of the family. In a situation whereby the man is totally irresponsible, problem will arise.

Laziness from either from wife or the hubby it will ruin the marriage morally, emotionally, physically.

Suspicions Kills Marriage

When you are always been too suspicious of your husband or wife movement, having unnatural thought about the wife or the hubby.

For example if the man came late from work. And you’ve always been accusing him of coming late, reasons been that he is seeing someone else.

Lack of trust Kills Marriage

Trust is always the most important thing to have in marriage, trust is what needed to give attention to, once there is trust in relationship and marriage there won’t be problem in marriages.

Tips for newly weded couples

Lack of Mutual Respect

Respect is reciprocal, respect makes relationship works, more than the way any one can think of, with respect, respect makes relationship works better than.

Unforgiveness Kills Marriage

Any misunderstanding in relationship should be forgiven, we have to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is very important to forgive is a way of making relationship works more better.

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