Singapore’s Best International Schools

Singapore’s Best International Schools

There are a whopping 83 international schools in Singapore. There are plenty of options for Asian parents, but they generally come at a high price. Singapore appears to prefer the IB curriculum over British A-Levels at the moment, with some of the best IB outcomes in the world. Because no major criterion can make comparisons these culturally diverse schools, we went behind the state-of-the-art campuses and glossy filings to speak with parents, students, and registrars to learn more about what it’s like to be a secondary student at one of these prestigious institutions.


Just like IGCSE Singapore, ACS (International) is the most newest development to the historical family of six Anglo-Chinese Schools, having opened its doors in 2005. The Methodist culture, weekly chapel, and moral compass with which they arm their students are what set this school distinct. It is open to students of all faiths and countries, with a focus on leadership, intellectual potential, and moral character development. At ACS, where 45 percent of students use English as a second language, the student-to-teacher ratio is kept low. It has a superb position in the charming Holland Village and has recently been thoroughly refurbished, despite its small size. With libraries, 12 research labs, and an all well sports hall, the campuses is bright and welcoming. Eight dressed groups and a fleet of international-class racing canoes are among the extracurricular activities available.


AIS is a non-selective, community-oriented school. It balances academic standards with sports, the arts, and personal development in a way that is “globally focused, authentically Australian.” AIS is part of the Cognita group of schools and follows the Australian academic calendar, which runs from January to December. At AIS, sports are extremely popular. They sponsor 100 competitive teams who compete in over 500 sports events each year in ten different countries. Good sportsmanship and inclusivity are required, allowing all pupils to engage, develop, and flourish. Wearing the gold and green AIS sports shirt is a true honor. The music, performing arts, and technology facilities on campus are impressive.


CIS routinely produces excellent results in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It’s difficult to find a negative adjective to describe Canada, as it is with most things. Thirty percent of the teachers are from Canada, while the rest workforce is made up of 25 different nationalities. The excellent secondary school is located on a lakeside property. It is a school-within-a-school, with kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools sharing the 500-seat theatre, Olympic-size swimming pool, cozy study pods, and sports hall affectionately known as the “Home of the Huskies.”


Dulwich College Singapore is the newest addition to the Dulwich College International family of schools. The prospectus boldly proclaims the school’s 400-year legacy as a premier British Independent institution. Parents adore Headmaster Nick Magnus’s brightness and genuineness, so they’re opting for the pukka British knee-high socks and blazers brand, defying the trend of “contemporary internationals.


Hwa Chong International, which was founded in 2005, consistently produces remarkable outcomes. From 18 students in its first year to 117 students in 2018, the graduating cohort has grown dramatically. To get admission to this hotbed of intellectual brilliance, an entrance examination and interview are required; academics are unquestionably the rule of the day.

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