Reos Mods Review: Who Are They? 

Reos Mods Review: Who Are They? 

On the Reos Mods website (pronounce “Rios,” like Rio de Janeiro), I could not find out anything about where they come from or how long they have been operating. Payment for Reos devices online is by Paypal, which made me wonder if customers would be dealing with some kind of eBay situation and that is not always a good thing.

eBay is not necessarily disreputable, but many of the e-cig products carried on that site are sub-par items; the kinds that give vaporizers a bad name. With eBay and e-cigs, always beware.

With so little to go on and a dearth of information about each product on the site itself, I was loath to recommend these products and preparing to write a warning to customers. Then I found a recent review by a trustworthy e-cig user, reviewer, and advocate; an intelligent and thorough explanation of how Reos Mods work. Now I am prepared to say this item might not be too bad. In fact, it could turn into your favorite vaping device. Then again, you might hate it. The Reos is possibly a love-hate product which is why I decided to go on with this vape pen kit instead of using the one that is offered by Reos.

What is the Reos Mod

This is an innovative device designed to remove the mess from your daily vaping life. Even a decent-sized tank needs to be refilled at some point during the day. What the people at Reos proposed was removing the tank and just putting a bottle into the cavity of your box mod next to the battery. Squeeze the bottle and it feeds juice right to the atomizer.

While this sounds like a dream come true, even in the new field of vaping there are consumers who don’t like change. They are going to look at this setup and feel uncomfortable with the lack of routine and the absence of a tank.

When you open the lid (which slides off easily) you can see there is nothing technical inside. It is otherwise empty and the exterior is very simple with a 510 connection at the top so you can add any kind of dripping atomizer that will fit and a drip tip on top of that. This mod is fully mechanical: no screens and no circuitry.

I talk about the Reos Mod as though there is just one, but there are really lots of them: two versions in metal (the Grand and Mini 2.1), limited edition wood mods, and a wide variety for each sort.

Unfortunately, though listed on their home page, Woodville 18650 and 18490 mods appear to be out of stock already. Maybe new editions are underway; I don’t know. The only thing I can tell you is there were 154 varieties of single and two-toned mods made of exotic and domestic wood (maple, ebony, cocobola, wenge, maple, and more) and all of them were out of stock. They also cost from $160, but that’s 160 hypothetical dollars anyway. The fact that they are pictured here gives me hope since seeing images of such gorgeous woods makes me want one.

These are the same as Woodvil models in most ways, just cheaper and not largely out of stock. Plenty of colors are still there (vibrant and electric hues) and the starting cost is $146. Choose from most of 27 colors, including low-profile shades designed for stealthy vaping.

Besides full-priced devices, Reos also offers blemished items so you can enjoy the same quality at lower prices. You will simply notice a few aesthetic flaws, perhaps so small no one will realize they exist except you.

The sliding door of your Reos has the potential to slide off and completely disappear. It is thin and light, so could wind up between the seats in your car or down a drain; maybe behind a coat pocket with a hole in it or under the cushions of your favorite vaping chair. Replace the door for $32 and take this opportunity to change the color or buy spares so you can change the color for fun once in a while.

Cartomizers by Smok start at $1.20. There are drip tips, feed tubes, and tube kits. Buy button covers and springs. Reos wants customers to be able to rebuild and maintain their device for long-term use, not feel like it is a piece of junk when the spring wears out, and wind up hunting high and low for rebuild parts.

Because of its arrangement, the type of atomizer you use has to have a bottom coil. Squeezing juice into the threading will not get it very far into a tank with a top coil. There are lots of bottom coil atomizers; no problem there.

The Reos will work with sub-ohm atomizers if you are a cloud chaser: Reos sells a kit. You are most likely to find the Reos Mod online, but some vape stores sell them in person. They don’t list them on their websites. It’s worth asking your local vape supplier if he could get one in for you if Paypal shopping isn’t your thing.

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