Blue Cash Credit Card From American Express

Blue Cash Credit Card From American Express

Today, you have several great options when it comes to credit card issuers and credit cards. The two that most people think of for both pleasure and business include Visa and MasterCard but one credit card issuer that stands above the rest is American Express. Considered the classiest of all credit cards, American Express is welcomed all over the world. One of the cards issued is the Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express, which receives high mars within the industry and from consumers.

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Application for this credit card is generally completed online by visiting the American Express website at Although you would need to have excellent credit to apply, the benefits that come from managing finances responsibly would be worth the effort. For one thing, this card has an introductory period of six months. Throughout that time, you would pay zero interest. If you wanted to transfer balances from other credit cards with high interest, this card would be an excellent way of paying down or paying off debt.

The Annual Percentage Rate once the introductory period ends ranges from 17.24$ to 21.24% variable, which would be based primarily on your actual FICO credit score. Another benefit of the Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express is that there is no annual fee. However, unlike many other American Express credit cards, with this one you would have the opportunity to pay over time.

Another advantage to carrying the Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express is that when making everyday purchases at the grocery store, gas station, and pharmacy, you would earn amazing 5% cash back. When compared to the majority of other credit offers currently being promoted, this percentage for cash back is of tremendous value. With the cash back reward, you could redeem earned points for a variety of things such as merchandise, gift cards, or even have the money applied to the outstanding bill on your American Express credit card statement.

Although anyone would benefit from the Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express, with the high cash back and low fixed rate, it is especially beneficial for balance transfers. Keep in mind that to qualify for the low fixed Annual Percentage Rate of this card, all balance transfers have to be completed when you apply. Then, as a cardholder, you would enjoy all the mentioned benefits, as well as travel accident insurance, fraud protection, only a 3% fee on balance transfers, and of course, the outstanding customer support from the professional staff at American Express.

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