Knock Knees- Problematic Issue

Knock Knees- Problematic Issue

There is something about health that people are so particular about where some people don’t care two hoots about it while others are totally into keeping it in good shape as they know that the consequences are going to be severe if they don’t.

Health is wealth has been a popular slogan since time immemorial but the current times are such that even the most health conscious person is bound to fall ill at the drop of a hat.

There are many health challenges available that need to be discussed about but today’s topic is a unique one called knock knee and most people would be stumped upon hearing it as normally joint pain and muscle pull are usually associated with knee ailments so they would naturally be confused about this topic.

Defining Aspects

Genu Valgum is the official name for knock knees, which is a severe condition in where the knees angle in so that they come in contact with each other due to straightening of legs.

It is a unique condition that not many people are aware of and mostly call it joint pain but this is the technical term that medical experts call it and it has been prevalent for a long time.

There are many people with numerous deficiencies depending on their body structure because the immune system has to be in good shape if you want to last longer but if you’re a fitness freak right from the beginning then your body will last longer than expected.

The defining aspects of knock knees is that it is difficult for you to stand with your knees together due to the enormous gap in between that makes your body structure look awkward but somehow things work out if you’re careful to manage it with sincerity.

It is difficult to say how and when one can get knock knees because as mentioned above it depends on the structure of your body but it usually begins at a tender age of four where most parents don’t realize it is happening to their offspring.

Sometimes it lasts for barely a few years while other times it continues into adulthood but this is a normal phenomenon unless it causes problematic issues, which is why you need to recognize its symptoms in the early stages itself like the ones mentioned below.

Symptom Syndrome

The most obvious symptoms that you come across is severe knee pain, constant limp and difficulty in keeping one feet ahead of the other that is no different from a normal joint pain that arthritis patients go through.

When knock knees do not cure on their own then it puts extra pressure on the knees in such a manner that they start feeling like lead and only increase the chance of chronic rheumatic arthritis that slowly starts festering from an early stage.

If the gap between ankles exceeds 8cm then book your appointment with a specialist and if a two-year-old in your house is having the problem then it becomes all the more important to strike the condition at its root.

Knock knees are caused by lack of deficiency in vitamin C and D or some injury at a young age so take care of these facts.

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