PASIR RIS- Where the Convenience Meet The Economics

PASIR RIS- Where the Convenience Meet The Economics

Pasir Ris is a residential town in the eastern region of Singapore. The well-developed area is known for its plantation estates, Loh Lam Estate, and Thai Min state. The beach of Pasir Ris for water skiing. Though living in Pasir Ris is a mature housing region with modular amenities. The prices of the houses are very affordable.

History of Pasir Ris 8

The Name Pasir Ris is by two words where Pasir refers to Sand and Iris is To Shred. It was called White Sands due to its stretchy white sandy beach along the coastline of Singapore. Paris Ris was previously a neglected area because it was underdeveloped with kampongs and various villages like Kampong Pasir Ris and various Chinese Kampongs. 

What is Pasir Ris 8?

Pasir Ris 8 is an iconic developed society located in the heart of Pasir Ris provides the joy of living lavishly with a bulk load of amenities. Site Area 408,880 sq ft per 38000 sqm. Living in Pasir Ris 8, The residents will discover the unique lifestyles they never assumed, including Retail stores, Bus interchange facility, Polyclinic, Child care centre, and the lavish house living residential areas. Life after living in Pasir Ris 8 would be so convenient that the School, Recreation centres, Work offices, Shopping malls, and the Bus interchange service are nearby the Paris Ris 8 locality because it is situated in the city’s heart.

Features of Pasir Ris:

Paris Ris comprises seven zones and has a land area of 1533 hectares since it was partially built on reclaimed land later. The parks of Pasir Ris offer Campsites, Cycling, Beautiful gardens, and spots for barbeque. It is an enjoyable place for the families for the picnic, outings. Also, it provides many entertaining activities such as Water sports, Rides, Inline skating, etc. Pasir Ris also has a six-hectare area for Mangrove forest.

Advantages of living in Pasir Ris:

The advantages of living in this place include-

  • Opportunity to enjoy with the facilities like pool, gym, function, etc
  • Less crowded area.

Disadvantages of living in Pasir Ris:

The disadvantages include-

  • Maintenance fees are paid quarterly.
  • Only a portion of land is provided.

The House plan in Pasir Ris 8. It provides various facilities like Equipped kitchen, High-quality Bathroom Wares, and fittings like a tap, showers, and toilet seats. The units in Pasir Ris comprises 1 Bedroom to Four Bedroom. The designs are made according to the needs. 


Living in Singapore can change the lifestyle and create significance on the lifestyle that specifies the names of streets and neighbourhoods like Pasir Ris Grove and Pasir Ris. In the spectacular scenes of locality, the happy Children are wearing the uniform and swimming in the lagoon. Enjoy the breeze around the ocean Pulau Ubin Island. The overall experience is the splendid feeling anyone can feel. The price looks relatively high on the first site, but the relaxing attributes are good economically. The integrated development is convenient for the development of the Pasir Ris.

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