Different methods of lighting a charcoal grill- Are they the easiest methods?

Different methods of lighting a charcoal grill- Are they the easiest methods?

A charcoal grill is a kind of barbeque grill that is mostly used for personal use. So many people love the food cooked on it, and they buy for themselves to use it. This can be easily carried anywhere, and you can make your delicious food on it. The main point which comes to everyone’s mind is that how to use this thing. A beginner can never know how to start or light up this thing, and he/she needs some guidance on it. There are different lighting methods, and you need to learn it before using the grill.

You just need a source to know these methods, and the internet can be the best source for you. You can easily find the tutorials for it on youtube and also gets some information about it on the web. There are basically three methods for lighting up the grill. The first method includes lighting the coals with a chimney starter. The second method includes lighting up the charcoal with the lighter fluid. The third and the last method include lighting coal with light match charcoal. These three methods are the most used methods, and they are the most effective ones as well. Let’s check out these methods in brief.

Method:1 Lighting up the coals with a chimney starter

For applying this method, you need a chimney first, and then you will be able to start the grill. You have to fill the chimney with charcoal. The amount of charcoal should be noticed, and you have to fill it according to the size of the grill. Then you have to add some newspaper long with the coal in the chimney. Newspaper is a good conductor of fire, and it will be very helpful in lighting the charcoal. You have to light up the newspaper from different places and then put it in the chamber of the chimney. The fire will burn the coal to burn quickly. When you will see that the flames start pouring outside the chimney, then take out all the coal from the chimney and place it on the grill.   

Method:2 Lighting charcoal with lighter fluid

There is a fluid available in the market using which you can easily light up the charcoal. First of all, you need to insert the coal in the grill in a neat mound shape or forming the shape of a pyramid. This will help all the coals to come in contact, and the fire will spread quickly in them. Add the lighter fluid to the coal and light it immediately after adding it. You should not do this process after lighting up the coal, as the fire can come out of the grill and can be harmful to you. The grill will ready to sue when the coals get a coating of grey ashes on them.

Method:3 Lighting charcoal using match light charcoal

Matchlight charcoal is a box of matchsticks that contains a compelling kind of matches in it, which can make the charcoal burn easily. You can easily get this from the market and can use it to light up the coal in the grill. Again you have to do the same thing of arranging the coal in a neat mound for having coal-to-coal contact. Then, light up the coals using the match light and wait for the coal to burn correctly. The coals will be ready to use when a grey ash layer takes place on them.

A charcoal grill is a famous kind of ornament which is used by so many people as they love the food cooked on it. Lighting up this grill is a bit difficult, and you have to learn the methods for doing this. Some of the methods have been discussed above; check them out.

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