Can HIV and AIDS Be a Serial Killers Choice of Weapon?

Can HIV and AIDS Be a Serial Killers Choice of Weapon?

On Thursday January 14th, 2010, Brad Edwards from Fox 2 News reported a story about a video that is published on You Tube about an angry, young woman in Detroit claiming to have the AIDS virus and sleeping with anyone, and everyone that is willing for the sole purpose of infecting them with the AIDS virus. This lady even gave up some of the names on her list of about 300 people of both sexes; men and women and it is a bone chilling 10 minute video. She seems to be disgusted by how easy it was to get these people to sleep with her; most didn’t ask her about her sexual history or even entertain the idea of wearing a condom. Some of these people were married with children and they were cheating on their spouse so I guess she felt justified in killing these people.

On Friday, January 15th, 2010 Fox News updated the report as being a hoax, they stated that the police did pick her up and she took a blood test that came out negative for the HIV virus and the prosecutor gets to decide if he wants to press charges against this woman. I think she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and if there is not a law against this sort of thing, they should make one. What she did was horrendous and we should send a strong message that this type of activity is not acceptable by anyone. Can you imagine how horrible this could be for the people who have those names since they were not uncommon names, maybe they were even real people that she knows and that other people in her circle know as well? Did this video just ruin someone’s life simply because it was their name mentioned in the video, what if that person didn’t even know her let alone have a sexual encounter with this woman? What if this woman just gave potential AIDS infested serial killers the inspiration to start killing people in the same fashion as she supposedly did, maybe they didn’t read the update. You can watch the complete video as reported on fox 2 news here:

This video is really scary as this woman with a scarf covering most of her face in a low, raspy voice claims to have used her body as a weapon to kill people and there are some strong messages in this video showing us how easy it is get the AIDS virus and how little people seem to care. One statement even blames society for not finding a cure.

Since one of the characteristics of serial killers is that they seek some kind of instant gratification then AIDS should not be the weapon of choice since you would have to wait possibly a really long time for them to die, providing of course that you don’t die first. Could just knowing that you gave that person AIDS and that they are going to die be enough instant gratification for a serial killer? This lady sure did seem pretty passionate about it and you have to wonder why anyone would make a video claiming to be a serial killer and using AIDS as their weapon to kill. Was it to become famous, or to make people more aware that the AIDS or HIV virus still exist, was it to make the lives of the people whose names she mentioned miserable for a long time or was she just bored and felt like doing something stupid.

It really doesn’t matter what her inspiration behind creating this video was; claiming to be a serial killer and using your AIDS infested body as a weapon to kill people is wrong and their should be some type of consequences for her actions even though she does not actually have the HIV virus and her punishment should be publicized as much as her video to defer copy cats. Hopefully other people who are angry about contracting the HIV virus won’t do for real what she did as a hoax, her identity should never be disclosed and You Tube should remove the video from their site as soon as possible. Claiming to be a serial killer and infecting people with the AIDS virus is no way to obtain fame and we should not allow her to achieve her goal in this way.

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